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The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery is a comprehensive surgical practice specializing in Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery in Denver, Colorado.

Dr Michael A. Snyder performs laparoscopic bariatric surgery including; Lap band surgery, Realize Band surgery or Adjustable Gastric Band (AGB), Gastric bypass (RNY), Sleeve Gastrectomy or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) or Gastric Sleeve. The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery offers excellent value and financing options to all weight loss surgery cash pay patients, particularly for lapband, Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures. Dr. Snyder also offers several metabolic surgery options for type 2 diabetes along with morbid obesity.

Practicing out of the Rocky Mountain Region, the Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery has been deemed a Center of Excellence (COE) due to Dr. Snyder’s commitment to weight loss surgery and post-op care. Dr. Snyder, along with his talented team, understands that bariatric surgery is often times a person’s last chance at changing their life.

This understanding makes their passion second to none when it comes to caring for each individual that walks through their door. Come inside to learn more about your Denver bariatric surgery options!

We welcome you to visit us at denverbariatrics.com.


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