How to Prevent Overeating

Posted on August 30, 2011 by

Here are our best tips for avoiding overeating, banishing binges and escaping from emotional eating.

Here’s How:

  1. Drink a glass or ice cold water as soon as you sit down for your meal. Or, enjoy a bowl of broth-based soup just before your entree.
  2. Precede your meal with an apple, raw vegetables or a salad with reduced fat dressing. Doing
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Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted on August 22, 2011 by

When it comes to exercise after weight loss surgery, the first rule of thumb is: start slow. You didn’t gain all the excess weight overnight, and you won’t lose it overnight, either. Fortunately, with bariatric surgery, you will lose more weight more quickly than you could with fad diets or sheer willpower. And, by adding exercise to the mix, not only

Weight Loss: 7 Ways to Get Your Family’s Support

Posted on August 2, 2011 by
Learn how to get your loved ones to support your diet — and how to cope when they don’t.
You’re determined and steadfast in your decision to finally diet off those extra pounds.

But it’s not two days into your new weight loss plan and your kids can’t seem to stop munching mounds of potato chips in front of you,

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