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Patient Testimonials

Take a minute to share your bariatric surgery success story. While results vary for each individual, we love to hear how bariatric surgery has changed our patients' lives.

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  • Norman Heinmiller


    The attention Norman Heinmiller received from the very start with the team at Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery encouraged him to undergo bypass surgery at the age of 42. Even now almost three years out, he still gets the same care and attention during every office visit.

  • Bonnie Pivacek


    It didn’t take long for Bonnie Pivacek to know that bariatric surgery with Dr. Michael Snyder was right for her. After attending one of Dr. Snyder’s seminars, she felt confident in the procedure because of how he explained the process and made it easy to understand. She always felt comfortable asking questions and was encouraged and supported by the Denver Center of Bariatric Surgery team.

  • Marietta Heinmiller


    Marietta Heinmiller was proud of her husband’s decision to get gastric bypass surgery. Seeing firsthand the quality of care and support that her husband received from Dr. Michael Snyder at The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery encouraged Marietta to consider surgery for herself.

  • Melissa Rickman


    “Dr. Snyder and his team gave me hope, support and faith in myself! I never would have believed that in 6 short months that I would have reached my goal. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to Dr. Snyder and his team for giving me my life back!”