Bariatric Surgery Guidelines and Support

You will be doing the hard work, but we will provide the highest level of support, advanced resources, and bariatric surgery guidelines to help you meet your weight loss goals and maintain success. We are proud to offer a wide spectrum of resources to cater to your individual lifestyle and goals.

  • Our Unique Approach: Discover our unique approach to your weight loss surgery options using our four core principles as our bariatric surgery guidelines. We are dedicated to the achievement of your weight loss goal.
  • Testimonials: Read stories from our amazing bariatric surgery patients and get inspired for your upcoming lifelong journey!
  • Support Groups: The backbone of your success is our wide range of support groups ensure every patient stays on track and feels supported. To learn more or sign up for a support group, visit here.
  • Resources FAQ: Find answers to your weight loss surgery questions here, or ask us directly by filling out our form or calling us at (303) 280-0900!
  • Exercise program: Your physical fitness regimen will and should reflect your lifestyle. We’ll help you find the perfect physical activity for you and help you stay on track to maintain your ideal lifestyle.
  • Bariatric Revisions: When things don’t go perfectly: Should you need to regroup or consider a revision procedure, we’re here for you. Plateaued? Hit a snag? Don’t wait, contact us and get back on track.
  • Forms: Find everything you need in one place to get started.
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