Marietta Heinmiller


Marietta Heinmiller was proud of her husband’s decision to get gastric bypass surgery. Seeing firsthand the quality of care and support that her husband received from Dr. Michael Snyder at The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery encouraged Marietta to consider surgery for herself.

“I chose Dr. Snyder because I wanted the best and saw how he supported my husband and our entire family,” Marietta shares.

During her first appointment, Marietta and Dr. Snyder discussed what she had been doing on her own to try to lose weight and what she wanted to accomplish from having bariatric surgery. Dr. Snyder recommended gastric sleeve surgery, which has changed her life in many ways. Following the surgery, she is more active and enjoys hiking and other activities with her husband and two girls*. While she used to loath running, she now finds it to be a great sense of accomplishment. She no longer struggles with sleep apnea and doesn’t have to take high blood pressure medication.

The best part of the procedure for Marietta has been the healthy example she and her husband are setting for their family. She has also found a new self-confidence and positive mental changes that have accompanied the physical ones.

“I no longer have to worry about not being able to do things because of my weight” Marietta shares. “I can attend social functions without feeling uneasy, and I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. There are no limitations for me.”



*Individual results may vary.