Restart Your Weight Loss Journey

Have you been dieting for years without success? Do you have a weight loss goal that always seems out of reach? If so, the Denver Center for Bariatrics Intragastric Balloon procedure may be the right fit for you. This non-surgical, outpatient procedure helps people who have 20-40 pounds to lose* and have struggled to get back to where they want to be.

If this is you, learn how to get started, how to prepare for the balloon, and how we support you throughout the process.

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What is an Intragastric Balloon Procedure?

Intragastric balloons are medical weight loss products combined with comprehensive nutritional coaching and support to successfully help patients lose weight. Performed hundreds of thousands of times across the globe, the innovative Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery has brought promising intragastric-balloon, weight-loss options to the United States.

An uninflated balloon is placed temporarily in the stomach through the mouth via a brief, non-surgical, endoscopic procedure that is performed in an outpatient setting. The entire procedure usually only takes 20 minutes and patients go home the same day. The saline-filled balloon is about the size of a grapefruit and remains in the stomach for approximately six months. The gastric balloon acts as a temporary means of curbing appetite and helping patients lose weight.

After six months, the balloon is removed via an endoscopic outpatient procedure. Comprehensive medical/dietary monitoring and intensive nutritional therapy combine with the balloon for the first six months and then continue for an additional six months after removal, for a total of a one-year process towards your better health. The balloon is an FDA-approved and scientifically proven weight loss product that is not surgery (involves no cutting). Until now, only bariatric surgery has been proven to provide durable weight loss for people living with obesity.

Intragastric Balloon Advantages

The intragastric balloon provides a new option for people seeking assistance with their weight management goals. Studies show the balloon to be as much as 3 times as effective as the traditional exercise/nutrition/pharmacotherapy in use today!*

For those people who do not need the power of traditional bariatric surgery, don’t qualify for bariatric surgery or prefer to try a non-permanent and non-surgical procedure, the gastric balloon procedure may be the right choice.

Ideal Candidates

The procedure is best for people who desire to lose 30+ pounds* and who have a BMI of 30-40. If you’ve tried diets, nutrition, exercise and medications and been unsuccessful, an intragastric balloon procedure may be a great way to restart your weight loss journey.

The gastric balloon procedure is priced less than our surgical weight loss procedures, and the cost is comparable to many medically-managed weight loss programs and costs associated with exercise, nutrition and weight loss medications. At this time, the procedure is not covered by insurance and is considered a self-pay procedure. Please contact the Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery to discuss affordable options to help you become a patient today

Weight Loss

Recent studies demonstrate the intragastric balloons averaged more than 3 times* as effective as traditional exercise and nutrition treatments for weight loss. The FDA has approved the intragastric balloon procedure for people with a BMI of 30-40. Patients are likely to lose between 30+/- pounds with this safe and effective weight loss solution and keep it off during the year of management—even after balloon removal.

Weight loss is important, but we know it’s more about what you want to do with your life! With this procedure you can improve your quality of life! Studies show that the gastric balloon also improves key quality of life indicators such as physical function, vitality, bodily pain, general health, social function and mental health. Further, when combined with medical management and nutritional counseling, the balloon has been demonstrated to improve comorbid conditions, including hypertension and diabetes. *Individual results may vary

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