What Is Gastric Band Surgery?

The laparoscopic, adjustable, gastric band procedure or LapBand® surgery reduces weight loss primarily through restriction. Unlike the band from decades ago, the stomach is neither opened nor stapled! Rather, a band is placed around the outside of the upper-most stomach, creating an hourglass-shaped stomach. This produces a small, narrow, controlled and adjustable outlet that allows for management of the rate at which food travels from the upper to the lower stomach. Stretch at the upper stomach (from a small amount of food) above the band causes you to have a profound sense of fullness. Band constriction causes food to slowly pass from the pouch, which maintains stretch on the upper pouch and leads to a prolonged sense of fullness with much less hunger. Through good nutrition and smaller portion sizes, patients are satisfied with smaller meals that easily fill the small upper stomach. Depending on your unique needs, LapBand® surgery can be an excellent tool for gaining long-term control of weight.

Gastric LapBand® Surgery Advantages

  • Almost always inserted laparoscopically, without the usual large incision.
  • Restrictive: become full with smaller portions and stay full longer.
  • Infection and complications are reduced: Does not require any opening in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • No stapling or permanent changes to the stomach.
  • No hospitalization: Most gastric band patients go home from surgery the same day.
  • Adjustable: Provides a customizable weight loss management tool (unlike gastric bypass or sleeve).
  • Reversible, if necessary.

Ideal Candidates

This LapBand® surgery may be particularly suited to persons of relatively lower BMI (30-40) who wish to have a quicker recovery, less operative risk, and the ability to undergo a surgical procedure that is both adjustable and removable. The gastric band is for people who like to have fine-tuned control over their weight loss program. Most people can return to work quickly (in 3+/- days). Although lap band weight loss effects may not be as profound or rapid as the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, the lap band has the shortest recovery time and best control.

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What Is Gastric Band Management?

The gastric band is surgically implanted during a short laparoscopic procedure (usually less than a half hour). The adjustable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, creating a pouch and significantly restricting the amount of food that can enter the stomach. The inflation “port” is placed under the skin, in the deep subcutaneous tissue, in the left mid-abdomen. It allows for periodic adjustments to the volume of the pouch outlet to “tighten” the band. The band can be made tighter to increase restriction and speed of weight loss, or looser to slow down desired weight loss. These adjustments are performed in the office in minutes.

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  • Gastric Band Conversion to: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Band over Bypass
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