What is vBloc?

The National Bariatric Center is proud to be the first certified provider of the vBloc procedure in the Denver area -- offering the service in April of 2015. Experience matters and you can be confident in choosing the National Bariatric Center for your weight loss procedure.

vBloc® Neurometabolic Therapy is a totally new weight loss option. When diet and exercise haven’t helped you meet your goals, this first-of-its-kind treatment could be an effective weight loss alternative.

vBloc Therapy delivered by the Maestro® System

Unlike other treatments, vBloc Therapy does not prevent nutrient absorption or alter anatomy. And because therapy directly targets your source of hunger, losing weight does not require you change the foods you eat or adopt a low calorie diet.

The Maestro® System is implanted by a metabolic & bariatric surgeon just under the skin, typically during an outpatient procedure that can be performed as a “same day” surgery.

Choosing vBloc means you do not have to avoid food groups or types.

Acting as a long-term support partner, vBloc is an active treatment that works throughout your day. Patients report that it helps them to eat less because they feel longer.

Also important to keep in mind, vBloc Therapy is completely reversible and can be deactivated or removed at any time.

vBloc® Therapy is delivered through an implantable device called the Maestro® System. By blocking the signals between your stomach and your brain, the therapy helps controls hunger—meaning you have an active tool to help you make healthier choices.

People who used vBloc Therapy lost more excess weight than those who relied on the aftercare program of diet and exercise alone*.

Advantages and Risks


  • vBloc Therapy has been shown to have a lower complication rate than traditional weight loss device procedures.
  • On average, people who received vBloc Therapy as prescribed, lost 28% of their excess weight, in one year.
  • Does not require you change the foods you eat or adopt a low calorie diet.


  • Postoperatively, patients must remember to charge their Maestro system and follow the instructions of their health care provider.
  • Characteristically, weight loss procedures create a sense of fullness. Small amount of bulk type food may alleviate sense of hunger. It may be less effective for high calorie drinks and sugar-fat laden dessert.
  • As is the case with all weight loss surgeries, readmission to a hospital may be required for fluid replacement or nutritional support if adequate food intake cannot be maintained.
vBloc at the National Bariatric Center™ in Denver, Colorado

The vBloc procedure is the latest weight loss surgery procedure performed at the National Bariatric Center™ in Denver, Colorado. Researched and developed by EnteroMedics, Inc. vBloc received FDA approval as a weight loss surgery technique in 2015. The National Bariatric Center is the first certified center in Denver to perform the vBloc procedure.

The National Bariatric Center™ at Sky Ridge is one of the few premiere surgical centers in Denver to earn the esteemed status of a "Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence", a recognition backed up by numerous testimonials from patients throughout the Colorado region who have undergone Lap Band or other weight loss surgery procedures.